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  • Feb.19


    Taiwanese Cuisine: Night Market Snacks

  • Feb.19


    Taiwan Excursion: Family-Friendly Activities and Itineraries

  • Feb.02


    Exploring the Yilan Night Market and Experiencing Local Guesthouses.


  • River Tracing

    River Tracing

    In the green mountains and rivers, you can hike along the cool mountain streams, challenge the surging rapids, and experience the thrilling and refreshing fun of river tracing. Waterfalls, shoals, and strange rocks complement each other, bringing you the ultimate sensory enjoyment of nature. New Taipei City's Shiding Valley Adventure, Taichung City's Liujia River Adventure, Guguan River Adventure, and Yilan's Long'an River Adventure are all good choices~

  • Diving


    Taiwan is home to many breathtaking diving destinations. Kenting’s Sail Rock, the Yeliu sea erosion terrain in the northeast corner, and the beautiful coral reefs of Green Island are all ideal choices for deep divers and scuba divers. The underwater world of Orchid Island is even more colorful, as if you are in a tropical paradise. The diving environment in Penghu is also famous for its clear water, coral reefs and underwater ecology, providing explorers with the ultimate underwater experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, Taiwan is a diving paradise full of charm.

  • Kayaking


    Taiwan is home to many fascinating canoeing experiences. On Guishan Island in Yilan, you can roam in the blue bay and admire the strange rocks and rich marine ecology along the way. The Qingshui Cliff Canoe experience in Hualien will take you through the green mountains and blue sea to explore the cliffs. In Sun Moon Lake, canoes shuttle through the lakes and mountains, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lakes and mountains along the way. These unique canoe tours combine adventure and nature to create an unforgettable water adventure.

  • Floral Sea

    Floral Sea

    Taiwan is filled with beautiful sea of ​​flowers blooming in all four seasons. In spring, Nantou’s cherry blossom season blooms in groups; in summer, Hualien’s sea of ​​daylily flowers is as dreamy as it is; in autumn, Miaoli’s uniform sea of ​​flowers is layered; in winter, Pingtung’s lotus season blooms with elegance and beauty. Whether it's rich azaleas, colorful sunflowers, or fresh plum blossoms and roses, every flower sea is like a colorful picture, bringing you the changing flower scenery of the four seasons.

  • Beach


    Hualien and Taitung in eastern Taiwan also have fascinating ATV experience attractions. Hualien's Fengbin Beach, driving along the coastline on the vast sandy beach with layers of green mountains in the background, makes you feel like you are in a fairyland. Taitung’s Zhiben Beach has fine golden sand and an excellent terrain suitable for speeding ATVs. At these two ATV experience attractions, you can experience high-speed adventure and leisurely nature at the same time, becoming a unique ATV explorer.

  • Pastoral Farm

    Pastoral Farm

    Taiwan is home to many charming farm and ranch attractions. Cingjing Farm in Nantou is a well-known alpine farm with a cool climate and beautiful flower fields, suitable for tasting alpine agricultural products. Feiniu Ranch in Houli, Taichung combines cowboy experience and parent-child interaction to create a joyful farming and animal husbandry activity. In Hualien, Sixty Stone Mountain Ranch is surrounded by green mountains and offers a peaceful rural experience. These farm and ranch attractions combine farming experience, ecological exploration and scenic beauty, allowing tourists to deeply

  • National Park

    National Park

    Taiwan is home to several stunning national parks, such as Taroko, Yushan, Snow Pa, etc. Taroko is famous for its strange peaks and rocks and clear river valleys, providing an excellent mountaineering and hiking environment. Yushan National Park has the highest peak in Taiwan, beautiful mountains and rivers, and different scenery throughout the seasons. Xueba National Park has virgin forests and lakes, which is a treasure house of natural ecology. Kenting National Park is located at the southernmost tip and is famous for its white sand beaches, azure coast and diverse ecology. It has clear str

  • Orchard


    There are countless orchard experience attractions in Taiwan, such as the pineapple garden in Nantou, the strawberry garden in Miaoli, the lotus flower garden in Kaohsiung, etc. Each place has its own unique fruit style. The four seasons change, and different fruits mature in each season, such as cherries in spring, grapes in summer, apples in autumn, and grapefruits in winter, bringing visitors a rich feast of taste. The orchard experience is an excellent place for parents, children and friends to interact happily, allowing people to experience the joy of fruit harvest in nature.

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